Between Stone and Light

The Mystery of the Three Zodiacs
By David J. Hoch
10 Digit ISBN:
13 Digit ISBN: 978-1-63413-688-4
LCCN: 2015911416
Price: $14.99
Trim: 6x9
Format (pb/hc): Paperback
Pages: 200
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Thirteen-year-old Sarina Kennedy finds herself in the middle of a spectacular adventure after a mysterious symbol suddenly appears in her school notebook.

            For Sarina, the day should have begun like any other — take a shower, grab some breakfast, then off to school. On this day, however, as she gets out of bed she notices her school notebook on her nightstand. Who put it there? Even stranger, her notebook is now open to a page with an unusual symbol drawn on it - a symbol that Sarina doesn’t recognize and, more importantly, that Sarina did not draw. Who drew this symbol, and what does it mean?

            The strange symbol is only the beginning of the incredible adventure on which Sarina soon finds herself. She meets Desdemona, an elderly woman who owns a special bookstore—a bookstore that has the same symbol over its door as the one Sarina found drawn mysteriously in her notebook. Desdemona explains that the symbol is related to the Zodiac and the celestial connection of all people. “We are all part of our universe,” she tells Sarina. “We all play a part in either moving mankind forward, or moving mankind backwards. There is no standing still.”

            Between Stone and Light, David Hoch’s debut novel for middle-grade readers, skillfully weaves the ordinary lives of teenagers—Sarina and a surprising group of new friends—into a complex and intriguing world that none of the teens could ever have imagined. These thirteen teens learn they can commmunicate telepathically, through dreams, and in person. The fate of all mankind rests on their young shoulders, for they are the Glimmers, all born on the same day at exactly the same moment, in different parts of the world - and it’s up to them to complete a unique and seemingly impossible task: to unlock Ophiuchus, the true and forgotten sign of the Zodiac. It is a fact that all Zodiacs contain twelve symbols/figures, but they all should contain thirteen. The addition of this thirteenth sign then turns current astrology upside-down, for persons who now think they were born under a certain sign of the Zodiac are very likely a very different sign. So a Taurus might actually be a Gemini, a Tiger might actually be a Rabbit. The failure by humans to recognize this thirteenth sign is the reason humans see time as a linear function (clocks, calendars, hours, minutes) - when in reality time moves in all directions at once, and exists simultaneously in other dimensions. This 'enslavement to linear time' is how the Evil Ones control civilizations. There is, in fact, a very large bronze sculpture, which rests in the U.S. Library of Congress! It is called 'The Zodiac Clock'. The Evil Ones lord over mankind, and they even put it right in front of our faces. They take great pleasure in doing this

             Along the way the teens also encounter the The Guardians, and a host of others - persons the teens must choose to trust or ...... well, you'll just have to find out for yourself.

             The Glimmers also learn the earth is much, much older than they have been taught in school, and there have been thousands of previous civilizations which have existed on Earth - some even more technologically advanced than our own. These civilizations were all eventually destroyed by the Evil Ones - for they were unable to unlock the thirteenth sign.

             The three stone wheels in the library basement, the ever-increasing vibrations, the awesome, beautiful music, the mesmerizing lights, the fantastic, pulsating energy - they all combine to make for a thrilling, frightening, magical journey which grabs hold of the reader - and doesn't let go.

              Are you ready?...............




Number nine of eleven children and a star athlete, David Hoch dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player. A nearly-fatal car accident sent him on a different course - one in which he became more aware of the preciousness of life, and heightened his awareness to the fact there is a Grand Design to the Universe. Mr. Hoch was subsequently diagnosed with CRPS, a chronic and debilitating pain condition with no known cure. 

Between Stone & Light is this awareness put into words, this Grand Design illustrated. The Author hopes the reading of this book will spark the imaginations of many thousands of readers - and teach them that sometimes long-held beliefs can be wrong.