Imaging Your Life

SohKiDo Pathway II of the Seven Pathways of Transpersonal Creativity
By Dr. Sky
10 Digit ISBN:
13 Digit ISBN: 978-1-62652-033-2
LCCN: 2013902608
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Trim: 5.5x8.5
Format (pb/hc): Paperback
Pages: 194
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Too often spiritual books offer their readers steps to spiritual perfection as an
obtainable goal in life, even though to be able to manifest spirituality in one’s everyday
actions is a challenge for a life time. Dr. Sky believes that we can become a vessel for
Divine inspiration and serve Him just as we are. Furthermore, she offers a way to
accept, express and appreciate each stage of our spiritual development through
the arts. The book you are holding explains the second of its seven pathways,
using the visual arts and beauty as a way to and from God.

The second volume in the inspiring five-part series of SohKiDo, Pathway
II: Imaging Your Life focuses on the visual arts as a way to your own spiritual
creativity and also as a method of healing. Slow motion, silence and stillness are
added to the Transpersonal Energy Transmitters elaborating on the theory of
SohKiDo. Her prayer vessels and meditative vail paintings exemplify poignantly
transpersonal creativity, which can be assessed with her Prism of Consciousness
and the Creativity Checklists. Using the arts as therapy has proven extremely
effective as an alternative to more traditional and clinical methods. For her fellow
art therapists, Dr. Sky introduces a Self-Drawing Series as a diagnostic tool as
well as a mandala research model.

The art and techniques in Pathway II: Imaging Your Life will inspire you to
use the visual arts as a healing power in your own spiritual path delving deeply
into the mysteries of art, beauty, and creative flow through energy centers while
identifying the Seven Stages of Womanhood. Journey with Dr. Sky, as she shares
her life-changing insights into faith, intuition, creativity, spirituality, and energy


Dr. Sky (Sirkku M. Sky Hiltunen, Ph.D., Ed.D., RDT-BCT, ATR-BC, BCPC, LPC, REAT), a native of Finland and an American Citizen, is the Co-founder, the Executive Vice President and the Director of the Creative Arts Therapies at the Art and Drama Therapy Institute, Inc. (ADTI) in Washington, DC. Dr. Sky is a creator of numerous trademarked methods, tools, concepts and terms inspired by ancient spirituality, wisdom traditions of the Finnish mythological epic of Kalevala, and the classic Japanese Noh Theater. She is a passionate landscaper of meditative Japanese-style rock and Zen Gardens and she has a black belt in Tai Chi. She is poet, artist, scholar, playwright, and a contemporary mystic Christian, who lives by faith, intuition and creativity.