Kenya's Souls

By Shane Farnell
10 Digit ISBN:
13 Digit ISBN: 978-1-62652-727-0
LCCN: 2014902923
Price: $13.95
Trim: 5x8
Format (pb/hc): Paperback
Pages: 176
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In a faraway land among strangers, one man is challenged to find himself.

Cameron Oniell is unprepared when his plane touches down in Nairobi.
Having signed a two-year contract as a site construction manager to build
a pipeline in the town of Kisumu, he leaves behind his two young children
and comfortable life in Canada for an adventure he’ll never forget. Recently
divorced, Cameron sees this time away as a fresh start, a chance to improve his
career and build a life for himself apart from his wife.
What he discovers is a whole new world. Pedestrians darting dangerously
in traffic, tossing rocks at passersby. A resilient people struggling to get ahead,
no matter what life hands them. A red haze prevailing in the air. In this new
environment, Cameron encounters frustrations and triumphs, romance and
danger: spitting snakes, malaria, monsoons, and machete-armed robbers are
all obstacles to overcome as he struggles to finish the company project at the
heart of his time overseas. Fighting back the overwhelming feeling of being
marooned on the other side of the world, Cameron’s two years in Kenya leave
him with enough memories to last a lifetime.
Based on the author’s own travels, Kenya’s Souls beautifully captures the
curiosity and awe of experiencing for the first time the world beyond our own.


Based on a true story, A life changing experience that most people will never get to expierence in thier life time, it entails all the expeierences of one going to work in a place like Africa and seeing first hand the real world in which others live and to experience the true nature that Africa has to offer.


Shane Farnell has a great deal of construction experience, and has traveled extensively all over the world working on several large projects. Through Kenya's Souls, he wanted to share an experience that many will never have the chance to encounter. This is his first novel.