The Best-Kept Secret in Health Care

No Drugs or Surgeries Required
By Dr. Ray Drury
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13 Digit ISBN: 978-1-62652-348-7
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Pages: 250
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The Best-Kept Secret in Health Care was written primarly because most patients seek out this specialty after they’ve tried everything 
else.  They’ve  been  referred,  tested,  diagnosed,  medi­
cated, and sometimes operated on, and they’re still sick. 
Some have been told they’ll just have to live with their pain 
or put up with their condition, that nothing more can be 
done.  When  these  same  patients  are  helped,  sometimes 
immediately, by what we do, they look at us and ask two 
things:  (1)  Is  it  really  that  simple,  and  (2)  Why  doesn’t 
everybody know about this?
Those questions get answered more fully in this book, 
but  the short answers are;  “Yes,  it  is 
that simple, and more people don’t know about it because 
the  few  doctors  who  practice  this,  the  ones  best  able  to 
spread  the  word,  are  busy  seeing  patients  and  manag­
ing  their  clinics.”  The purpose of this book is to  let sick and hurting people everywhere 
know  there  is  hope  for  them,  and  it  may  even  be  down 
the  street  or  across  town  from  where  they  live.    People 
suffering from a variety of conditions go to Upper Cervical chiropractors for care 
from all over the world, while sick and hurting people in drive by those same offices every day and
don’t know they exist. 
The  form  of  health  care  discussed in this book  has  been 
around for over 100 years and continues to produce amaz­
ing results. This  procedure works, 
which is why it continues to grow.
This  book  will  provide  evidence  from 
the clinical experiences of Upper Cervical doctors, from 
patients themselves, and from carefully conducted scientific studies that prove how effective Upper Cervical care really is in helping people with a wide range of conditions.­


Dr. Ray Drury is one of the foremost authorities in the world on Upper Cervical chiropractic.  He opened his first Upper Cervical office in North Carolina in 1994 and has opened and successfully operated 9 more offices since. Dr. Drury has taught hundreds of chiropractors how to do Upper Cervical work since 1998. He founded Upper Cervical Health Centers, Inc., the first and only international franchise of Upper Cervical offices, where he served as CEO until the end of 2012 and now serves on the Board of Directors. Dr. Drury is a sought after speaker for chiropractic colleges, conferences and seminars all over the world.