The Lordlings of Worship

And Their Catastrophic Mindrides
By Cameron Leigh
10 Digit ISBN:
13 Digit ISBN: 978-1-938690-32-7
LCCN: 2012950173
Price: $35.00
Trim: 6x9
Format (pb/hc): HardCover
Pages: 590
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This historical suspense novel spanning four thousand years follows Texas Pastor Brix Brighton, a combat veteran of World War II and of Israel's War of Independence, and Alan Taveler, who has just returned from captivity in Pakistan with a sudden hunger for the Bible that leads him to uncover concealed knowledge that the alphabet is the code-key to the Creation Code. Alan Taveler is genetically programmed to disturb the past in order to give Brix Brighton a chance to save the future.

The Bible cautions that life is a thriller and all humans are in it. Possessing just a fragment of the Creation Code, supremacist empires of religion have relentlessly pursued concentrating power, owning the mind and directing the will of all mankind. Now in the twenty-first century, they finally have the technology to prevail by creating a surveillance state.  


Author Cameron Leigh presents an unparalleled masterpiece spanning four thousand years that will fill readers with suspense, knowledge, outrage and ultimately hope as portions of the Creation Code are actually revealed and its mysteries unraveled to arm the world for the ultimate battle against those responsible for the most widespread cover-up in the history of man.