Time Guardians

Protectors of the Travellars
By PT Mason
10 Digit ISBN:
13 Digit ISBN: 978-1-634131-41-4
LCCN: 2014918760
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Trim: 5x8
Format (pb/hc): Paperback
Pages: 202
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Even the smallest among us can achieve great things. 

Sir Aerl has always known there was something more to this world. And when his battle injuries threaten to take him from it, he only regrets that he does not have time to discover more in this life before passing to the next. 

But Sir Aerl soon learns that his life is far from over . . . and that his future actions will send ripples far beyond his world alone.

Our wounded, wandering knight is rescued by the unlikeliest of visitors—small catlike creatures from the Land of Kitticus, clothed in traveling robes and walking upright. He learns of his own shapeshifting abilities, but he also learns of Alesyia, a magical realm of strange and wonderful creatures.

The tiny but brave Ninjabbits and their gentle giant Jarl . . . the Dragats of the fire caves and their Cagon younglings . . . the fierce Sea Devils of the deep and the Werehawks of the mountains—all had existed for as long as our own realm, and all had lived in harmony for thousands of years.

But through the work of the traitor, Sami Stormbringer, a long-dormant evil has awoken. And as the powerful Nekraxsis and the evil Giggle Horde threaten to bring the entire land to its knees, Sir Aerl learns the truth—it is not only Alesyia that is in danger.

Now, Sir Aerl, his brother, and the children must all prepare for the day they are called to fight alongside their furry brethren, or their own world might also be forfeit. Will they learn the true meaning of courage, family, and truth . . . or will both realms descend into darkness?


The is a work of science fiction blended with science fact and values. It has heroes great and small, and a wide variety of characters that many can appeal to. It is a story to inspire hope, and everpresent chance of redemption; of love, betrayal, and action. Virtues such as loyalty, honor, and the bond of family are present as well.


PT Mason lives in the United States of America. PT seeks to continue a life-long journey for knowledge, helping those in need, and working towards making this realm better for others.